Founding Members

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Founding Members

Name: Kazashi
Position: Goal Tender
Jersey Number: 13
Favourite Quote: “Hmmm….”
Team description of Kazashi: “he’s gunna lay the Smashdown on you!” or “Ask Kazashi… hes the brains of this operation!”

Name: Sha8dow
Position: Left Wing
Jersey Number: 8
Favourite Quote: “Get out of my chair!” Or “Two words” followed by a paragraph rant! Or “Hey guys i got an idea….” followed by GROAN from IPX members
Team description of Sha8dow: “his spelling’s a shocker!”

Name: Fuzz
Position: Right Wing
Jersey Number: 6
Favourite Quote: “I’m NOT moving to Canberra yet. I will be soon!!”
Team description of Fuzz: “Jebus… Oh no, he’s broken his Chubb-Chubbs AGAIN!!!”

Name: Kazozza
Position: Defence
Jersey Number: 3
Favourite Quote: “Meh” or “If I hear the word ‘zen’ one more time…”
Team description of Kazozza:WTF do you mean you know the score of the All Star game?!”

Name: Axe-Man
Position: Centre
Jersey Number: 35
Favourite Quote: “I’m a country OG Gangsta”
Team description of Axe-Man: “Great skater…. Poor shooter”, “OG really stands for Own Goal…”