Svalbard Register

Svalbards (the currency and’s points system) are awarded for certain site activities. A few examples are below:

  • Svalbards for posting a Blog entry: 5
  • Svalbards for posting a Poll: 3
  • Svalbards for posting a Forum topic: 3
  • Svalbards for posting a Project: 30
  • Svalbards for posting a Issue: 10
  • Svalbards for posting a Challenge: 20
  • Svalbards for posting a Competition: 50
  • Svalbards for postinga a Game: 30
  • Svalbards for posting a Hockey: 30
  • Svalbards for posting a News: 20
  • Svalbards for posting a Newsletter: 100
  • Svalbards for posting a Page: 20
  • Svalbards for posting a Strat: 20
  • Svalbards for posting a Treks: 30
  • Svalbards for posting a comment: 2
  • Svalbards for posting a comment on Issue: 10
  • Svalbards for editing a challenge, page, trek, hockey, game, competition: 5
  • Svalbards for deleting spam user account: 5
  • Svalbards for deleting a spam comment: 5
  • Svalbards for approving a user account: 5
  • Svalbards for approving an anonymous comment: 5 – EDIT: Temporarily disabled. The rule for this can’t tell the difference between an anonymous comment approval, and a standard comment, so it is just giving an extra 5 Svalbards for each comment posted everywhere.

Svalbards for the above activities are automated.

Anyone with suggestions for other areas to earn Svalbards, please post an issue and they can be investigated. Svalbards for most site activities can be automated with the rules module. eg. When a user account is approved, we have created a trigger that adds Svalbards to the user that approved the comment.

Anyone wishing to lay claim to Svalbards for non automated activities listed above, please comment on this page. Requests will be accepted / rejected / ignored by the BoD.
In your request mention why you deserve the Svalbards / what you did to earn them. In the event of a dispute, more evidence may be required.

Over time, some more things MAY be added to the above list, but this is unlikely. If you wish to lay claim to svalbards for something other than what’s listed above, feel free to. However these are much more likely to be ignored / rejected.

Requests for Svalbards via anything other than this page, will be ignored.

Abuse of the automated system mentioned at the beginning of this page, will result in suspect pages / comments etc being deleted. Repeated offenses will result in Svalbard penaltys, warnings, demotion etc.


chipper's picture

pls credit

pls credit chipper 1,000,000 Svalbard for his sheer awesomeness
k thanks.

Fuzz's picture


chipper's picture


clearly there are some flaws in the assessment process. ok how about 999,999 svalbards?

Fuzz's picture


I’m going to need a bigger stamp :)

hey chip

hook me some cash or lunch and ill chuck ya 999999999999999999999999999999999 svalbards :p
just dont tell fuzz i figured out how to do it

chipper's picture


its a deal! i’m sure they will never track us down!

n0mad's picture

IPX Awards 2008

I would like to put my hand up but would like to acknowledge that without Blood’s help this would have never
been done until I found the time but Blood insisted as something todo with Kiwi’s doing it n0w :P

ThanX again Bl00d…..

n0mad's picture

Calculator 0ut

Blood did you say that it’s 50 Svals for every minute that g0es by since 0ur Awards Post ?

I understand Chewy is 0n holidays but y0u w0uld think he read the Awards by n0w :P


Fuzz's picture

Svalbards - Awards 2008

Svalbards credited to you and Blood. Thanks again for the work on the awards this year.

thanks n0mad

chur dude i like svalbards they tasty.

PS sorry chip fuzz has been a meanie and stolen my l33t h4×0r 5ki11s

chipper's picture


ski its ok ski blood ski you ski have ski to watch ski fuzz ski cause ski he ski is sneaky ski like that ski. that ski is ski why ski i use ski this ski clever ski code ski so ski the fuzz ski doesn’t ski know ski we ski are ski onto ski him ski.

Sha8doW's picture

can i have

can i have a sole, lonely, little svalbard


Fuzz's picture



n0mad's picture

n0mad 0vertakes Shad in Svalbard's

“In your request mention why you deserve the Svalbards”

Because I have now overtaken Shad in Svalbards is that not enough of a reason :P

“what you did to earn them.”

Stayed on the IPX path and did not cheat in any way or form

“In the event of a dispute, more evidence may be required.”

I have taken demo’s and screen shots of every post since joining IPX and will be happy to
present them in a single zip file about 5 Zottabytes large, just don’t expect the upload before Christmas….

n0w 0nto what d0es all this equal in Svalbards ?


Fuzz's picture

A very well written request,

A very well written request, I give you kudos (not svalbards) for that :)

Your prize is 2nd place on the Highest Users list on the front page. With that honor comes 1985 existing Svalbards :)

However you will be getting some Svalbards for providing the hardware and putting significant work into the IPX server (as will Robag for the new hardware + work, and HP for hosting it, hardware and work). A big thanks from me for the initiative, and effort you’ve put in. It benefits the team significantly.

Fuzz's picture

Shad leapfrogs n0mad

Was a very close race for 2nd to 2000… looked like you had it in hand n0mad, til Shad pulled out some admin and bam, 2000 Svalbards for Shad.

n0mad's picture

n0mad leapfrogs Shad

n0t 2 B left behind n0mad runs ahead like the deaf guy 0ut 0f Family Guy…..

Shad, we discussed this a few months ag0 and I think Fuzz will als0 supp0rt this.
Get IPX 0n the TV
Simply get the IPX name or Logo on the b0x and rec0rd it and upl0ad the link here
I have a few ideas and yes I’m thinking 0f the wind0w behind the newz in the morning,
0r maybe a sp0rting event…..

Anyway I w0uld like t0 put this challenge 0ut there and with the support 0f the BOD
I think this will be worth 500 Svalbards……..

Sum gr0und rules may need t0 be 0utlined f0r the safety 0f min0rs :P


chipper's picture

to solve this issue...

it is highly recommended that chipper should be credited with 1,000,000 Svalbard. it is the only way that the issue can be solved once and for all.

Robag's picture

hmmmm let me think

“it is highly recommended that chipper should be credited with 1,000,000 Svalbard. it is the only way that the issue can be solved once and for all.”

go you halves Chipper lol

Fuzz's picture


I won’t give you 1 million. But I will give you 100 svalbards, if you nudie run down your respective streets with nothing on, get it filmed, edit the film to cover up private parts with (and this is the important bit) the IPX logo, then upload to youtube and link here.

The offer goes for any of you actually. No svalbards if anything private can be seen in the videos (my freaking eyes)

Fuzz's picture


Upped to 3000.

0.o lol

0.o lol

Fuzz's picture

Svalbard Request Denied


Sha8doW's picture

50 points for

50 svalbards for every IPX slave produced by IPX members
(basically, 50 points per kid for people who have had kids… ie YOUR KIDS BELONG TO IPX!)

lol, i once said over the pager at my old work, cause i was sick of the same kid being “lost” in my store all day every day of the school holidays (was more like he was sent to my store to be babysat – i found out his parents worked at one of the “takeaway resturants” and were too slack to organise childcare)

“Attention Shoppers. We have a lost little boy in the store, his name is Martin. martin is wearing a Blue Shirt, Jeans and is located at the customer service counter. If his parents do not come claim him within the next 30 minutes he will rightfully become the property of the store!

like the previous 5 days, his parents didnt come back untill the store was going to close. So after that day, i gave the kid his own uniform, hat and badge. and made him pump all the bikes int he bike racks tires up!
was the best NON Employee employee i ever had!
I kept him off the streets, and taught him a good work ethic. (although, he did go awol when school started up again lol)

so basically, back to the svalbards. id get 100 points, nomad would get 50, Robag would get 50 etc

now… i am off to find a video camera to tape my daily run! (make it 500 and ill probably do it for real) although we might need to work out a deal about the whole length of the street bit… i don’t think i can run that far!

Fuzz's picture

Daily run??

Hold on a second, you go on a daily run? Lets get that video evidence going!

Sha8doW's picture


Nudie runz?
Doesnt everyone do em daily!?

Id post videos… but i’d have to blur too much of the screen when covering my private parts!


if you did that then you would have to take off your puffy shirt…………………….:P

Fuzz's picture


Just made it 3000. No excuses now :)

n0mad's picture

10,000 Hits

10,000 Hits
w0rth sum Svalbard’s ?


Fuzz's picture


. +100

I got 2 servers

Worth some Svalbards?

Nikki and I have

visited and meat the most people from within Team IPX, is that worth some svalbards?

Tripsicle98's picture

Well for spotting matts typos

Please give me 30 svalbards :)

Hitting 10,000

svalbards i think i should get some svalbards.

Tripsicle98's picture

I hit 1000

Hitting 1000 i should get more :)

willow's picture

No 6!

Yay am at number 6!! I should bank some for some interest so i get back into top 5 :) Any banks recommended :)

Don't forget

To give people Svalbards for the people they recruit getting past the probation (Also update the page to say it is 8 weeks until they have finished the probation period.)

ltmon's picture

What's the current exchange rate

Svalbard to bitcoin?

We’re running an exchange, right?

Fuzz's picture


1 Svalbard gets you 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 of a Bitcoin. Which depending on the day, could buy you a grain of sand, or a Porsche.

RED's picture

hey ugh

hey plz donate to me 10,000,000 svals, would be appreciated!

RED's picture

hey ugh

hey plz donate to me 10,000,000 svals, would be appreciated!

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