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Is Rocket League still a thing around here

They just released a beta version for us Linux-using troglodytes (better late than never).

Do any IPX still play this one regularly? I’d be able to play one or two evenings each week from 6:30pm and onwards.

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ltmon v2.0

Hi all:

Our new son Alex was born yesterday. He’s perfectly healthy and 3.84kg, so far very quiet and well behaved (for now). Mum is in a bit of pain after the c-section, but should be a bit happier in the next day or so.

See you all back online when I can.


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Fistful of Frags

About 6 IPXers played this one for some western mayhem last night:

Free game, good fun, fair bit of shenanigans. Download and install if you want to be ready for the next one.

Special thanks to Robag for his heroic server creation efforts.

See y’all next time!

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L4D2 beta -- come keep me company

Valve have released a beta of L4D2.

It contains a new scripting/mutation system that allows for new gametypes. Several are included, but the main point is that modders can do much more now.

But it also contains Linux support. Huzzah!

If you’d like to have a shot with me, the beta is available if you own L4D2 already.

The catch? It’s 18 f***ing GB. So hopefully you’re with an ISP that gives you unmetered Steam downloads (like me).

Let me know if you get this version, and we’ll sort out a time to play co-op online.

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It's time to get Serious

Only three things matter: health, armour and ammo.

… and killing the screaming suicide bombers before they get to you.

Serious Sam 3 is 80% off on Steam at the moment.

It’s a good old fashioned shooter with great guns and hordes of enemies to splatter. Think a modernised mix of Doom or Quake alongside Duke Nukem 3D (the good old one, not the shit new one). No pretensions or complications, moral choices or strategy: just blow up the bad guy aliens before they splatter you all over the walls.

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Crusader Kings II is the bomb

So Steam is on Linux, and Valve look to be making a “Steam Box” console with a Linux base. So us purist geeks can finally game with the rest of you, sortof.

While I sit here and experience Steam in it’s full glory (i.e. wait for it to update again) I thought I should let you know the games I’ve been enjoying.

So far I’ve tried TF2 long enough to know that I don’t like it. I think I could enjoy the vanilla game with friends, but the pub servers seem to be a cesspool.

Mostly, though, Crusader Kings 2 has eaten up hours of my time. If you’re into some serious grand strategy, then give this a go. This review, although very positive, makes it clear who would and wouldn’t like this game.

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A new game

Finally, something I might bother installing Windows for.

It even has online co-op multiplayer for up to 10 players — who’s with me IPX!

On second thoughts, I might just mow the lawn instead. It’s pretty much the same experience as far as I can tell.

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Norway fights back

It seems that Norway have found something to be proud of.

NSFW: F-bombs and bad hip-hop.

But watch to the end, and see what it brings them.

(I’ve been spending some time in the “silly” corner of the Internet).

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Video Game High School

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, and you all know about this… but in case not, check out Freddie Wong’s web series “Video Game High School”.

Freddie Wong has been a YouTube star for a long while now, with live action video-game inspired action scenes each week. You’ve probably seen a few before, even if you didn’t know who the maker was.

VGHS is a feature length series from him and others and (for a web series) it’s really good.

Season 1 playlist:

Official site:

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Some promising games

This one is little more than a tech-demo right now, but it’s pretty awesome for that.

It’s called Outerra (at least the engine is) and it uses fractal generation to create a world that scales from space flight all the way down to blades of grass.

You can download the tech demo and fly and drive around an Earth-like (and size!) planet.

Closer to completion is the fun looking StarForge. I think of it as a cross between Starship Troopers and Minecraft with modern HD graphix. It also has the ability to play on open worlds that extend all the way from the surface into space, and mining below the ground also.

Free for now, but it’s pretty alpha quality and apparently needs a decently beefy rig until they get the performance quirks sorted.

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