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Don’t Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. Enter a strange and unexplored world full of strange creatures, dangers, and surprises. Gather resources to craft items and structures that match your survival style.

So I’ve been playing this game for a little while and it’s hella fun. It’s on a pretty good sale at the moment so I thought I’d spread the word in case anyone was interested.

Basically, you get thrown into the wilderness and with nothing but your wits and what you can find around you, you have to survive. Sounds easy? Well, it’s really not and there’s a ton of reasons for that:

  • Pretty much everything will kill you (birds and rabbits are the exceptions). That’s right, piss the bee’s off, they will send killer bee’s to kill you. Attack a pig in the pig village and the whole village will chase you away. Dare to go into the swamp and you’ll find tentacles lurking in the depths.
  • You need to eat. If you don’t, you will die. A large portion of your time early in the game will be spent gathering food so you don’t starve. It gets easier later on when you can cook meals like Meatballs and Bacon and Eggs which fill your stomach quite easily, but until you get the ingredients to make those and the materials to make a Crock Pot, good luck!
  • You can go insane. If you do, shadow creatures will materialize around you, and you guessed it, will kill you. Losing sanity over time is basically unavoidable (you lose sanity at night for example) and so managing your sanity is a must.
  • Got through to day 20 okay? Managing to stay alive and well fed? Well good for you, because winter is mere days away, and I really hope you’ve got warm clothing prepared because otherwise you’re going to freeze to death. Got through winter? Grats, now it’s Spring and its going to spend the next 10-15 days bucketing down with rain. I hope you found a way to keep your sanity up (see above) because being drenched doesn’t help (read: lowers sanity drastically). Got through Spring? Well done, now it’s Summer! Watch your base spontaneously catch on fire … if you don’t collapse from the heat.

Pfft, too easy I hear you say. Well how about the wolves that come hunting for you? Or the massive Deerclops giant that comes in the middle of winter (Reign of Giants expansion)?

Mastered the game with Wilson? Well there’s a massive assortment of different characters you can play, each with their own perks and weaknesses.

There are a couple different parts to the game that you can buy – prices in NZD, sorry :-)

Don’t Starve is the base singleplayer game. Costs $4.49 by itself, although the Reign of Giants expansion is highly recommended as well..

Two expansions:

  • Reign of Giants (recommended). Costs $1.49. The base game comes with only two seasons I believe, and less biomes to explore etc, so this expansion is highly recommended as an add on to the base game.
  • Shipwrecked. Costs $4.19. It’s basically a completely new game with entirely new areas to explore, new monsters to kill (or be killed by) .. plus you can go swimming! (Swimming in the ocean may have negative affects on your sanity.) I haven’t played it really so can’t comment on it. It’s very highly rated so probably worth it though.

and finally Don’t Starve Together. Costs $11.69. Comes with (almost?) all of the base game content and Reign of Giants content, but is multiplayer. Start a game, invite your friends, cooperate together to win, or play in PvP mode and fight to the death! As if the world wasn’t dangerous enough..

You don’t need the Don’t Starve base game (or expansions) to play Don’t Starve Together and there’s even an option that costs a couple bucks more ($15.59) for two copies – one for you and ya mate. Alternatively, buy the bundle which costs only a dollar more than that ($16.40) to get Don’t Starve, both expansions and Don’t Starve Together! (no extra copy of DST though)

Game is on PS4 as well, so controller friendly, and therefore, TV friendly!

Highly recommended, even the singleplayer.

Links: (WTF Is… by TotalBiscuit, bit dated though)


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Great write up Somtin l00ks interesting abit t00 much death f0r me…..


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